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Tekarera's Kainga Ora Cabin in Hanga RoaTekarera's Kainga Ora Cabin is a one or two bedroom house with a large Fully Equipped Kitchen, Living Room, Cover Deck with BBQ, surrounded by tropical fruit trees.   

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Kainga Ora 1 Br 2 Br
US Dollars 


Chilean Pesos $65,000 $125,000

       (Includes Breakfast & Daily Cleaning)     


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          View of ocean and Tahai 2 blocks from the cabin

  Centrally Located > map a 3 minute walk to Downtown Hanga Roa Easter Island, a short 2 minute walk to the Sea. A stroll north to Tahai archeological site and on to the museum, or south to Hanga Roa's swimming area and Tapati Rape Nui 2011 stages and on to Hanga Roa harbor & Restaurants;  In the other direction to craft, fish markets, restaurants, shops. 

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